San Michele full range of hams is wide and complete to satisfy any different and peculiar need.
Prosciutto Crudo, Parma DOP or San Daniele DOP, with bone or deboned. Our experience and craftsmanship lead us to fully satisfy any request or customer’s need. We are able to choose and recommend the right ham according to taste, size and ageing.
A full product range
Antipasto emiliano 120g
Antipasto italiano 120g
Bresaola 90g
Coppa 120g
Culatello stagionato 90g
Mortadella 120g
Pancetta arrotolata 120g
Prosciutto cotto alle erbe 120g
Prosciutto cotto alta qualità 120g
Prosciutto crudo 120g
Prosciutto di Parma 90g
Salame Milano 120g
Salame Napoli 120g
Salame Ventricina 120g
Speck 120g