A unique land where magic happens.


Millennial knowledge, secrets handed down for generations.

The ingredients we use daily are few but extremely good: careful selection of raw materials and processes that take the best from the past and the future to ensure exceptional performance, the correct slow pace and a unique climate. In our factories we use the best technologies on the market, and monitor the product throughout the entire process. From deboning to slicing, larding to curing… every stage is essential, and this is why every stage requires care, expertise and passion. Every time is like the first time.

It’s a new day in the factory: 2000 hams legs have just arrived. Each of them is carefully controlled: temperature, fat colour and distribution, absence of micro-bleeding and other defects, everything must be perfect.

A new day in the factory.

The art of trimming and salting.

Trimming: great dexterity is needed to give the hams its characteristic rounded shape.

Salting: a blanket of salt that looks like snow, evenly distributed and expertly applied by hand at critical points. Aided by technology, we prepare the leg to become a genuine prosciutto. We use only pure Italian sea salt, expertly dosed by our master salter.

Binding: after their time in the salt cells, the hams are desalted. Bone ends and any encrustations are removed, thus eliminating any lingering pockets of moisture. Finally, they are tied and hung on vertical frames.

Resting: from 60 to 80 days, this is the duration of the resting of the ham. Here, the cold sketches a light fog, the hams take a break, slowly breathing out and falling asleep for the long winter.

There is a little bit of magic in every stage of processing.

Washing: a nice shower is enough to wake up from the winter sulmber. After the long rest, the hams are washed with warm water to remove any impurities and salt crystals. Welcome spring!

Drying: In a time, not so long ago, the hams dried while looking up at the sky, aided by the cool spring breeze, and gently warmed by the sun. Today, we recreate the exact same spell with the helping hand of technology, to prepare them with just the right peace and calm for pre-curing.

Pre-curing: hanging from traditional frames, the hams begin their spring awakening. The temperature rises, and, on the right days, the windows of these long corridors are opened, allowing the passage of a different fragrance every day. Here, the hams will stay for 3 months.

Take a break and taste the beauty of the wait.

Greasing: like a beauty mask, lard is used to moisturise the ham and prevent it from drying out too quickly. A caress, an ancient and delicate gesture that has been handed down for generations, with a blend of pork fat, salt, pepper and rice flour.

Curing: the invisible but most important ingredient is time. Only long months of wait in our very special settings can enhance flavour and bring about the full maturation of San Michele Prosciutto. To understand is a ham is ready, you need a great sense of smell! After one year, a horse bone is tucked into key points of the leg. The porous bone absorbs the ham’s interior aromas, and, to the most experienced noses, transmits all the uniqueness of each ham. In the cellar the refinement continues slowly in a humid environment to enhance the flavour while maintaining softness.

Fire branding: a fire stamp with a 5-pointed crown, the Parma ham seal confirms the quality of our work. Rigorous respect for traditional methods, a sweet taste, the highest quality: these are the ingredients that create an extraordinary Parma ham.